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Use of plastics

Goodbye, plastic. Let's learn to reduce its use and take care of the planet.

A girl with a cloth bag and a boy with a metal bottle at the door of a shop

Did you know that plastics can take hundreds of years to degrade in nature? That's why it's very important that we learn to reduce their use to protect our planet.

Plastics are materials used to make many objects that we use in our daily lives, such as bottles, bags, toys, and food containers. But after we use them, many of them end up in the trash or in nature and can cause damage to animals and ecosystems.

That's why we're sharing some ideas for reducing plastic use in our daily lives:

1- Use cloth bags: Instead of using plastic bags, carry a cloth bag with you when you go shopping. You can find them in stores or even make one at home.

2- Avoid plastic bottles: Instead of buying plastic water bottles, carry a reusable bottle with you and fill it with water. This not only reduces plastic use, but also saves money.

3- Use paper, glass, or metal containers: When you buy food, look for products that come in paper, glass, or metal containers. These materials are much easier to recycle than plastic.

4- Say no to straws: Plastic straws are one of the most polluting objects in the environment. You can use paper or metal straws, or simply drink your drinks directly from the glass.

5- Recycle: If you use plastics, make sure to recycle them properly. Many communities have recycling programs that allow you to separate the materials and take them to a collection center.

Small actions can make a big difference. Together we can take care of our planet and ensure that future generations can also enjoy it.

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