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Discover how to prevent pollution of the planet.

split screen: on the left side a landscape with a factory and a car that pollute, littered garbage, gray sky. On the right side a landscape of a field with flowers and trees, a deer grazing. Wind turbines and solar panels. Clear and sunny sky

Why does the water in rivers or the air sometimes not look or smell good? This is because they are contaminated.

Pollution is a serious problem on our planet. It can come from different sources, such as factories, cars, and waste that is not disposed of properly.

Water pollution can affect the animals and plants that live in the river and also people who drink water from contaminated rivers. Air pollution can cause health problems such as asthma and allergies. Soil pollution can make plants not grow and make it difficult to grow food.

But not all is lost. We can all help reduce pollution. We can pick up trash and dispose of it in the right place. We can also use less plastic and reuse things instead of throwing them away. And we can always do small things, such as walking instead of driving or turning off the lights when we don't need them.

The planet is our home, we are all responsible for taking care of it and protecting it from pollution.

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