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Privacy Policy - iOS

Last Updated: 03/02/2024

This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which ECOKIDS uses and protects the information provided by its users when using its website. This company is committed to the security of user data.

However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated, so we recommend and emphasize continuously reviewing this page to ensure that you agree with such changes.

Information Collected:

ECOKIDS does not collect any personal data from its users. Neither names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, nor any other personal data. No one will be excluded from our app for not providing personal information.

These are our terms to create a safe environment for the little ones. The use of this app by your family is conditioned on having accepted these terms. The continued use of this site is conditioned on the acceptance of any modifications.

If you have any questions or doubts about this policy, send us an email to contact@ecokids.net.

Thank you and keep enjoying ECOKIDS!