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Privacy Policy, Advertising Practices, and Cookies.

Last Updated: 26/01/2024

This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which ECOKIDS uses and protects the information provided by its users when using its website. This company is committed to the security of user data.

However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated, so we recommend and emphasize continuously reviewing this page to ensure that you agree with such changes.

Information Collected:

ECOKIDS does not collect any personal data from its users. Neither names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, nor any other personal data. No one will be excluded from our app for not providing personal information.

These are our terms to create a safe environment for the little ones. The use of this app by your family is conditioned on having accepted these terms. The continued use of this site is conditioned on the acceptance of any modifications.

If you have any questions or doubts about this policy, send us an email to contact@ecokids.net.

Thank you and keep enjoying ECOKIDS!

Third-Party Contextual Advertising Practices and Policies


This document aims to provide detailed information about the practices and policies of third-party contextual advertising implemented in the ECOKIDS application designed for the child audience.

1. Ad Selection:

1.1 Selection Process: All ads appearing in the application undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure they are suitable for the child audience.

1.2 Appropriate Content: It is guaranteed that selected ads do not contain inappropriate, violent, or unsuitable content for children.

2. Human Review of Advertising Creatives:

2.1 Manual Evaluation: Each advertising creative is manually reviewed by our team to ensure its suitability for the child audience.

2.2 Approval Criteria: Specific criteria are applied to determine the suitability of each ad, considering factors such as the target audience's age, the tone of the ad, and visual content.

3. AdMob Configuration Exclusively for Children:

3.1 Exclusive Use of AdMob: The application exclusively uses the AdMob advertising network, specifically configured for children, to offer appropriate and safe ads for the child audience.

3.2 setTagForChildDirectedTreatment Tag: The application uses the setTagForChildDirectedTreatment tag from AdMob to indicate that it is directed towards children and to adapt advertising accordingly. The purpose is to disable interest-based advertising, personalized ads, and remarketing ads in that content.

4. Transparency and Communication:

4.1 Information for Parents: Clear and accessible information about our advertising practices is provided to parents through the policy section within the application and on our website.

4.2 Feedback Mechanisms: We implement mechanisms for users and their parents to report any inappropriate ads, allowing us to address issues promptly.

5. Updates and Revisions:

5.1 Ongoing Commitment: We commit to regularly reviewing and updating our practices and policies to ensure they remain effective and suitable for the child audience.

6. Contact:

For any questions or concerns related to our advertising practices, feel free to contact us at contact@ecokids.net.

Cookie Usage:

The inclusion of advertising in the ECOKIDS app allows it to be free and supports our educational project.

ECOKIDS only uses Google AdMob advertising within the Families Apps program, so no personalized or interest-based ads are displayed.


This Cookie Policy aims to inform users of our application, participating in the Families Apps Program, about the use of advertising cookies provided by AdMob, a Google advertising platform. It's important to note that, in the context of this program, displayed ads are not personalized for children using our application.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's device when visiting a website or using an application. These cookies contain information that allows tracking and personalization of the user's experience.

Cookies Used:

We use advertising cookies provided by AdMob to collect non-personal information about users' general preferences and behaviors, aiming to offer appropriate ads for the child audience without individual customization.

How are Cookies Used in our Application?

AdMob advertising cookies allow us to collect data such as the type of device used, the operating system, internet connection, and activity in the application. This data is exclusively used for advertising purposes to present suitable ads for the child audience without individual customization.

Parental or Guardian Consent:

In compliance with child privacy laws and as participants in the Families Apps Program, we do not collect or use personal information for the customization of ads targeted at children under 13 without the consent of parents or guardians.

Cookie Control:

Users have the option to accept or reject the use of cookies in the application settings. If a user chooses not to accept cookies, the customization of ads may be affected, but the application will remain functional.

Security and Privacy:

We are committed to protecting the security and privacy of the collected information. We will not share personal data with third parties, except as permitted by law.

More Information:

For more information on how Google uses advertising cookies, please refer to the following link: Google Ad Technologies

Changes to the Cookie Policy:

We reserve the right to update or modify this Cookie Policy at any time.


If users have questions or concerns about our Cookie Policy, they can contact us at contact@ecokids.net. By using our application, users accept the collection and use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy. It is important to periodically review this policy to stay informed about any changes.